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On Friday 14th of September we were awarded the Digital Inclusion Award for the Best Corporate Taxi Solution of 2018.

More than just an award, it was the recognition on the quality of our service and the constant advancements we have made in building our Corporate transport solution.

But what is this award about exactly?

The Digital Inclusion Awards recognize and award the key players in various sectors that have adopted digital technology in their daily business so as to offer their products or services in a more convenient manner and have changed the lives of their clients. Players are assessed based on their digital embrace and innovation.

Mondo Ride’s Corporate Solution provides an easy and cashless transportation solution for your business, available in just a few clicks from your own customized dashboard, where you can:

  • Enjoy access to employees business transport data
  • Track all transport expenses accurately and easily
  • Allocate your employees to different departments (that you can independently manage)
  • Get full transparency and control over your teams’ business movements

Having the ability to view accurate and transparent reporting and billing will help you to integrate Mondo Ride into your business accounting conveniently, as well as mitigate transport costs for your business.

Our pricing model ensures that you don’t experience price surges during peak ride demand periods – which is a critical factor affecting pricing during rush hours and bad weather.

So how do you go about getting a ride?

Using your personal Mondo Ride dashboard, the mobile apps or by calling our 24/7 Call Center you can order for a ride quickly and conveniently. You vehicle choices include Standard 4 seaters, Large 6/7 seaters or even Boda boda for passenger and package deliveries all suited to fit your business transport needs.

That’s not all…

We also extend a booking service that allows you to schedule a ride in advance (especially useful for airport travel). Additional services include Long Distance Service for out of town trips and a Delivery Service for sending parcels using motorcycles.

As for the service, our drivers are trained professionals who aim to offer you the best experience possible.

We are very keen on passenger and driver safety, which is why we have integrated an Emergency Alert button in the app as well as partnering with a private security and logistics firm, Castor Vali, for added assurances.

Our award winning solution has been the top choice for several top companies in East Africa, such as Ecobank Transnational Inc. and Cytonn.

Mondo Ride has a vast presence all over East Africa with operations in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Kampala and Dar-es-Salaam. To start using our corporate solution for your business in any of these cities, please contact us today or send an email to with details about your business and we’ll get in touch.