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Now Offering Parcel Delivery Service in Nairobi

Starting in July of 2018, Mondo Ride has began offering parcel delivery service throughout Nairobi, and will expand this service to markets throughout Kenya and Tanzania later this year.

Our corporate clients need an efficient and easy parcel delivery service that will allow them to send items across the city in just minutes. Mondo Ride Parcel Delivery does just that.

Thanks to our unique expertise in Corporate client relations, we were able to design this service matching the needs and requests of current and future clients.

Mondo Ride Parcel Delivery offers:

  • Dashboard log-in for quick and easy bookings
  • 24/7 Call Centre for around the clock support
  • Professionally screened & trained Boda Boda drivers

The Mondo Ride Corporate dashboard (POS login) is integrated with our new parcel delivery service. Corporate clients are able to book a Parcel Delivery in just a few clicks. This access also allows companies to track their expenses and have a precise history of their deliveries over time.

Our 24/7 Call Centre is the center piece of the service, ensuring you get help and advice on any of your parcel delivery requests no matter the hour of day. At anytime, you are just one call away from sending urgent or important documents across the city.

Finally, our growing fleet of Boda Boda drivers means we’ll always have a driver available for you, and the wait time will always be minimal for both you and the parcel recipient.

Plus, you can rest easy knowing our drivers are screened and trained daily to be more professional and as efficient as possible.

To learn more about Mondo Ride’s on-demand Parcel Delivery service, visit