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On-Demand Parcel Delivery in Nairobi

Send your package anywhere in Nairobi, anytime!

Finally, professional and convenient package delivery comes to East Africa with Mondo Ride’s Parcel service.


Quickly and easily hail a boda boda directly from your Mondo Ride Corporate Dashboard.


Within moments your courier will arrive to deliver your parcel anywhere in Nairobi.


Mondo Ride’s couriers are screened professional drivers who are well trained.


Straight-forward pricing based on distance traveled instead of time per trip.

Reliable and Effortless Parcel Delivery in Nairobi

Send your parcel safely and quickly anywhere in Kenya.

Request a courier directly from your Mondo Corporate Dashboard.

Get even more out of your Mondo Corporate account with parcel service.

Well Trained
Our screened and professional couriers know how to get your package to the right person.

Low Friction
Mondo Parcel is your company’s solution to last-mile delivery.

Our vast network of drivers means you’re never left without a courier.

Terms & Conditions

  • Maximum piece weight of 30kg
  • Commodity : Documents and goods of non value shall be accepted. Any good exceeding $$ shall be not accepted
  • Packaging : Package should be reasonably packed and volume should not exceed regulations set up by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA),
  • Usage of Mondo Ride Delivery Parcel is restricted to legal purposes; No illegal courier/substances shall be accepted for delivery and random checks shall apply upon reasonable suspicion
  • Proof of identity may be requested upon reception and or delivery of goods and document


Provide your delivery parcel booking details on the form and the Mondo Ride Call Centre will call within moments to confirm your future booking and associated price.